A Complete Guide to Himo World — Matching, Crafting and Earning

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5 min readDec 16, 2021

A Complete Guide to Himo World — Matching, Crafting and Earning

Himo World is an NFT game with a Play-and-Earn feature in which players can assemble a team of four heroes to compete against one another. Players can build their favorite team to explore the universe, or they can choose to become observers of the war. Throughout the journey, players work on improving the hero’s skills and become more powerful.

The game uses a turn based Match-3 mechanic combined with the strategic, deck building mechanic, which is not only easy to learn and play but also further creates more depth in tactics and strategies. Compared to various games in the same genre, such as: Candy Crush, Yugi-Oh and Puzzle & Dragon, the strategic factor of Himo World is absolutely on another level. The game is not as easy to play as Candy Crush, requires players to have more strategic thinking compared to Dragon & Puzzle, and also has ever expanding depth for gamers to explore and discover new strategies as Yugi-Oh. At the end of the day, Himo World is a perfect choice for the midcore players as well as the power gamers.

There are multiple ways for players to engage and enjoy the game, which include: seasonal MMR (PvP), tournaments, PvE Rogue-like and Betting.

Above all, Himo World provides players various exciting earning opportunities, thanks to applying PnE (Play and Earn) and C2E (Create to Earn) models.

Create to Earn (C2E) from Himo World

Most of the NFT games on the table now have adopted the Play to Earn model. With Himo World, we will take a step further with the enjoyable C2E model. It is widely known that within this model, people can create their own content, then mint it into non fungible tokens (NFTs) for use or for sale. With all the features provided in Himo World, this gameplay will be the right platform and a freely opened arena for avid gamers and creators to make money.

The earning stream by crafting in Himo World is easily understandable: participants will play to earn the in-game assets including gold, hero card, skill card, which are all used for the purpose of crafting new or upgrading the existing heroes. The most exciting and mysterious characteristic of this process lies in the fact that players are able to create extremely rare, strong and unique heroes by customizing the hero’s skills. After this process, players can choose to keep conquering the ever expanding Himo World or use them for trading with other participants.

Play and Earn (PnE) Together

The PnE model has become significantly well-known recently, thanks to the rise of many NFT games that successfully apply it, and has actually helped players to make money from playing games.

In Himo World, people can make money from both playing and observing the battle. As a player, participants can join seasonal MMR (PvP), or win a tournament. As an observer, players can bet on the team that they think has more potential to win. The huge prize pool from these events is clearly a great source of income for both Free-to-Play and High-Staking users.

Game guilds (a group of gamers that assemble a team to compete against other players in MMORPGs — Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) can be formed in order to make large profits from winning a tournament. From a casual playing team, players keep competing with each other in order to analyze the depth of the gameplay and also achieve better ranking. Furthermore, they can gather and practice together as a real esport team: having a professional coach, build strategies, analyze competitors, etc. to conquer the world and win the tournament.

Free to Play Himo World — a Zero to Hero Journey

In Himo World, all features that are listed above are also provided for free to players. Thus, everyone can come to Himo World and earn some money without having to invest much of it in the game to make profit. Yet, “no pain, no gain”. The journey for the free players in Himo World will be a little bit more challenging, which requires them to put more time and effort in order to catch up with the top dog.

With all the features provided, the underdog players can team up to practice and analyze the game. Since Himo World is ever expanding, players can constantly discover more new metas together, and there can always be newly effective metas found if the team is lucky and patient enough. As can be seen, thanks to putting more time and effort into the game, free players can still seize the opportunities to win a tournament if they are patient and willing to enter smaller leagues.

While discovering Himo World, the free players will keep immersing themselves in it, even in the long run, which comes from the fact that there are a number of key drivers that hugely motivate them to keep digging deeper into the world of this game. Gacha and RNG factors will make the process of crafting a hero and collecting skill cards become absolutely unpredictable. Gamers will not know what they are going to receive, or what type of hero they will be able to craft, since there are always opportunities to successfully create extremely rare and unique heroes.

In addition, Rewards from tournaments and in-game esport competitions are not only big but also achievable for everyone, including the free players. Last but not least, competitiveness is another factor that can make people always eager to explore Himo World, since the leagues are where the strategy blooms. Players having a good mind in strategy and dedication will prevail in this game.

The total 3 concepts above of Himo World will definitely guide the summoners through one of the most exciting and fascinating journeys that have ever existed. Be prepared, because the summoner’s path in Himo World is a long way to go!


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