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3 min readJan 3, 2022

Hey great summoners, welcome to Himo World!

Since we are on our way to many important milestones in the future together, Himo World would like to provide you with additional information about what we are doing, and all the specific details about this game’s concepts. Well, here it is, the “Concept Focus” series, in which you can have a better understanding about Himo World gameplay and many other key in-game events. Let’s start with the Free to Play model, shall we?

Free to Play is clearly an ubiquitous model in the NFT game market right now, in which people can participate and play a game free of charge. Nevertheless, there are still barriers that hinder gamers from having an inclusive and fulfilling experience of playing since.Well, everything comes with a price. But, with Himo World, things can be a little bit and interestingly different.

There is a distinction between the F2P model in this game compared to other ones, which is its evolution. Himo World’s F2P model can not only enable participants to engage in any in-game events but also supply our players with the possibility of earning. And exactly, how can people do so?

A proper F2P experience

Himo World is proud to declare and ensure that this game can provide a true experience of free to play, with no doubts.

Free features includes:

  • Heroes: There will be 4 types of heroes corresponding to 4 gem colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. The player can only choose one hero of each color to bring to the battle i.e. you can’t have 2 red heroes in the same team.
  • Skills: Each hero will be provided different skills, with 5–6 skill slots. The skills will be triggered in the battle based on the slot it gets equipped. Skill slots will be unlocked when heroes level up.

Technically, with all the free features available, players can participate in all in-game events in order to make profit, which are:

  • Tournaments
  • Grinding and selling heroes/items/skills cards
  • Stake in Treasury

However, free players still need to face difficulties while trying to make their way to win huge prizes, such as the ones awarded in the tournament, since the high-stake players can always invest in the game to boost their teams and increase the chances of winning. In this case, it is just more challenging, not hopeless. As we have stated before, the willingness to put more time and effort into the game will be the key for free players to seize the opportunities to win a tournament. Practice makes perfect!

As you can see, Himo World gameplay doesn’t stop at usual PvE, PvP battles. We are going to host a plethora of esports leagues and tournaments in the future. Thus, there will always be a tournament that is suitable with your scope and level. That is where your opportunity lies.

Anyone can join any leagues as long as their heroes/team meet the limitation. This way players will grow their deck further so that they can join any leagues they want, and at the same time break the barrier between Rich/Poor/New/Old players. Thus, no risk, but high return.

So, playing Himo World is a Free to Play and even Earn experience for people. You can obviously choose Himo World for multiple purposes: making profit, competing, or just simply entertaining is enough, because this gameplay will be way wilder and more intriguing than you have imagined.



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