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Encounter The Slime King is a match-3 game where players summon their heroes by matching at least three gems of the same color. The heroes will attack the Slime King and try to defeat him.


  • The Player: Summoner
  • Your Opponent: The Slime King
  • Board of gems: There are four types of gems with four different colors: Green, Blue, Red & Yellow. The gems are arranged randomly.
  • Heroes: Each Summoner has a deck of four heroes with four colors respectively. Heroes can be obtained from opening The Elder Realm’s Treasure Box.
  • Reward: Players can get a reward chest after they reach a milestone in the game. The more damage dealt to Slime King, the more reward received.
  • Turn: Each time you connect at least 3 gems is counted as one turn
  • Match: Each time you enter and finish the battle with the Slime King. The maximum matches each day are based on your remaining energy.
  • Chest: $HIMO reward chest unlocked by the reward milestone.


  • Each day, players can play a maximum of 5 matches, each match costs 20 energy. Max player’s energy is 50. Players must wait to have enough energy to play. Energy regen 1 per 7.2 mins.
  • Before the game, Summoners choose 4 heroes with different colors: Green, Blue, Red & Yellow
  • The Boss each turn will attack the summoner with 100 HP. After 10 turns, the summoner will die. That means players can play 10 turns per match. Each time a player connects 3 or more gems of the same color to summon a hero, it counts as 1 turn.
  • No Skill Card needed in this game

📌 Please note that only Summoners who own Treasure Boxes can participate in “Encounter the Slime King” and also be equipped with 4 free common heroes in 4 colors: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, which means that if the Heroes from your Treasure Box are not enough to form a team of 4 Heroes with 4 above colors, you will still be able to participate in the battle.


  • Each turn, Summoners connect gems to summon their Hero and all heroes on the board attack the Slime King (including the newly summoned hero). The damage of each hero is different based on the length of concatenated gems and the rarity level of the hero. The damage dealt to Slime King is the compound damage of all heroes.
  • At the end of a turn, Slime King will attack Summoners: it will reduce 100 HP of the Summoner’s HP.
  • After 10 turns, the game ends. The reward will be based on the total damage dealt to Slime King
  • There will be 5 milestones corresponding to 5 levels of damage dealt to Slime King: 2500, 3500, 5000, 7000, 9000 HP. At each milestone the player is given a reward chest which contains $HIMO tokens.
  • Players will receive all rewards acquired at the end of the match.


  • The Slime King will not attack the heroes but the Summoner
  • The number of heroes on the board is not limited
  • The longer the matching line is, the more damage the hero takes
  • Each hero will still count as a gem of that color, so players can sacrifice a hero to summon a new hero with greater damage.
  • The damage dealt to Slime King varies based on the rarity level of the Hero. Higher level heroes will do more damage.
  • You can only withdraw to your wallet when you claim at least 1000 $HIMO.

About Himo World

Himo World is an NFT game that features deck building, strategy mechanics combined with a match-3 gameplay. It’s super easy to play, but unlike other casual match 3 games, it’s hard to master. The game features Free-to-Play, Create-to-Earn and a new way to earn which we believe will become the next trend in NFT gaming: Compete-to-Earn. Additionally, we have multiple game modes, including PvE with Rogue-like and PvP, Seasonal Ranking system, Tournament, Items staking and even more will come in the future.

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