HIMO Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Now!

Hello there!

Following the news of HIMO Listing on CoinMarketCap, we are excited to announce another IMPORTANT UPDATE!

HIMO has also been listed on CoinGecko now!

Let’s add HIMO to your watch list and prepare for our upcoming events!

About Himo World

Himo World is an NFT game that features deck building, strategy mechanics combined with a match-3 gameplay. It’s super easy to play, but unlike other casual match 3 games, it’s hard to master. The game features Free-to-Play, Create-to-Earn and a new way to earn which we believe will become the next trend in NFT gaming: Compete-to-Earn. Additionally, we have multiple game modes, including PvE with Rogue-like and PvP, Seasonal Ranking system, Tournament, Items staking and even more will come in the future.

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Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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