HIMO World announces the first Airdrop campaign: up to $50,000 prize — EARLY BIRDS GET THE TOKEN

Since HIMO World’s come part of its long way to the IDO, $50,000 token will be awarded to our community, who has joined and supported us so far. We deeply appreciate your love and trust at such an early stage. Thus, we would like to conduct this campaign in order to show our appreciation and dedication to our energetic community.

About Giveaway Program:

Timeline: 12:00 AM UTC Dec 14, 2021–12:00 AM UTC Dec 20, 2021

Prize pool:

  • Total token reward: up to $50,000.00 worth of HIMO token, which is specifically shown in the following table:

(Participants will receive the prize within 7 days after the listing day)


1.Prize rules

  • The winners are determined by random roll.
  • If you have more points, you can have a higher possibility of winning a bigger prize.
  • Only the highest Prize Pool milestone will be used to award prizes at the end of the program.
  • The number of winners is unlimited. We will stop delivering the prize when it runs out.

2.General conditions:

  • You should constantly update new information about the campaign on HIMO World and our partners’ social media accounts, so that you can be fully aware to claim the reward.
  • Clones and fake accounts are not allowed to participate in this campaign. These accounts will be excluded from the reward list and our future events without any notice.
  • Participants must be active and are real users.


1.Login Gleam.io.

2.Complete those following steps:

  • Follow HIMO Twitter (+1 pt)
  • Retweet this post & Tag your 2 friends (+1 pt)
  • Join HIMO Telegram Official Channel (+1 pt)
  • Join HIMO Telegram Official Community (+1 pt)
  • Join HIMO Discord (+ 1 pt)
  • Like our Facebook Official Fanpage (+1 pt)
  • Type your email (+1 pt)
  • Type your BEP20 Wallet (+1 pt)
  • Get the referral link from the bot. Invite your friends through your referral link to get more points (+ 2 pts/ each)(Unlimited invitations)

3.Invite your friends through your referral link to get more points (+ 1 pts/ each).

About Himo World

Himo World is an NFT game with a Play-and-Earn feature in which players can assemble a team of four heroes to compete against one another. Players can build their favorite team to explore the universe, or they can choose to become observers of the war. Throughout the journey, players work on improving the hero’s skills and become more powerful. This game is also providing a true Free-to-Play experience, which a lot of other NFT games in the market are lacking at the moment. Setting up in a distant realm, the player just awoke his summoning power, and realized they now are in the middle of the war between realms, where they fight against each other in a battle of strengths and wits.

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