Himo World x Kryptomon | Research Partner Collaboration Announcement

Hello Summoners and Trainers community!

📢GREAT NEWS!!! Himo World and Krytomon have OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED our collaboration as Research Partners:

✨ Cross-sharing analytics & insights for community mutual growth

✨ Future collaborations including cross-metaverse initiatives, shared rewards competitions. community promotions

So Summoners and Trainers, great things are ahead of us! Let’s keep following Himo World and Kryptomon for more exciting updates about our collaboration!

About Kryptomon NFT

Kryptomon is a world where the best parts of Pokémon meets Cryptokitties and Tamagotchi! Grow together with your Kryptomon partner, breed and train it for battles to become the strongest Kryptomon trainer!

Here at Kryptomon, we’re more than a game and more than crypto. With a battle system reminiscent of old school Pokemon, a persistent world where your actions have very real consequences and an Elite 4 system for the top ranking trainers, we envision a world where Kryptomon will be the next household name. It’s still early yet so come join us on Discord as we build out the Kryptomon world

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium




Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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Himo World

Himo World

Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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