WELCOME MochiLab to Himo World!

WELCOME Red Swiss Venture Capital to Himo World!

Summoners, Himo World is pleased to announce the official formation of a partnership with Red Swiss Venture Capital.

Red Swiss Venture Capital is a Venture based in Switzerland aiming to support early stages teams as they bring blockchain and crypto to the masses. As an experienced and multilingual team we support top tier projects making the right decisions, provide strategic advice and connecting to the right influencers. Finally we are also focused on user experience, which remains a major barrier for non-crypto natives.

We are honoured to have Red Swiss venture capital belief and support from such an early stage :
✨ Provide extensive services in early stage marketing
✨ Strategic input for growth and communication strategies
✨ Penetrate the European crypto market

More info on Red Swiss Venture Capital :
🕸 Website: www.redswissventurecapital.com
🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedSwissVC



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