WELCOME AZerCapital to Himo World!

WELCOME AZerCapital to Himo World!

Big shout out to AZerCapital, who is joining this project as a strategic partner. From the bottom of our hearts, thank AzerCapital team so much for trusting us and everything you bring to the table.

About AZerCapital:
AZer Capital focuses on discovering high-quality early blockchain projects and providing community media services and in-depth investment research analysis. It is committed to expanding the influence of the projects in investors and medias.
In Azer community, there are elites and cryptocurrency lovers in various fields which include channels of information, project research, market, public relations and KYC services. More importantly, Azer has a large number of resources of KOL and community alliance. Azer Capital provide one-stop services such as mining, investment, publicity and distribution of primary market projects.

We are honoured to have AZer Capital belief and support from such an early stage.
✨ Azer Capital will bring a large number of experienced players to Himo World. These players have been deeply involved in the game industry for many years. They can do pre-release evaluations and find loopholes for the project and write evaluation reports.
✨Azer Capital will also unite with other community alliances to help Himo Word continue to expand its influence in the field of blockchain games.

Himo World is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation between us!

More info on AZerCapital:
Website: www.azer.top
Telegram: t.me/azerblock
Twitter: twitter.com/AzarCapital
Discord :Discord.gg/azerblock
Twitter中文:twitter. com/AzerBlock
Public account:艾泽区块




Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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Himo World

Himo World

Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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