WELCOME MochiLab to Himo World!

Good news today!

Himo World is thrilled to announce an official partnership with MochiLab! About MochiLab: MochiLab is a team dedicated to developing practical and innovative technological solutions to enable a seamless web3 NFT economy. The MochiLab team is a team of passionate innovators, researchers, and builders who are committed to bringing product-market-fit solutions to foster the growth of the NFT economy.

Website: https://www.mochilab.org/

We are honoured to have MochiLab belief and support from such an early stage:

✨ Potential to reach existing NFT community on Mochilab and Mochimarket media channels.

✨ Available NFT marketplace, which can support Himo both NFT primary sale and secondary sale.

✨ Advisor support such as process consulting, documents review, support to connect with partners, launch strategy consulting. Especially, MochiLab can also provide technical support with a seasoned team of experienced.

More info on Mochilab:

🕸Website: (https://www.mochilab.org/)

🐦Twitter: (https://twitter.com/mochilaborg)

and Mochi.Market here:

💰 Website: https://mochi.market/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarketMochi

🔵 Telegram: https://t.me/mochi_market

📰 News channel: https://t.me/mochimarketnews

📢 Medium: https://mochi-market.medium.com/




Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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Himo World

Himo World

Himo World — an NFT game that everyone can actually enjoy

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