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4 min readJan 9, 2022
Concept focus PLAY AND EARN

Welcome back, summoners! Let’s wrap up a few main points that we have known about Himo World, and together, discover something new about its intriguing gameplay.

Himo World is an NFT game in which players can engage in battles with others, build their team to their liking to explore the universe or choose to become observers of the war. This game is also providing a true Free-to-Play experience, which a lot of other NFT games in the market are lacking at the moment.

In addition, there is also an epic background story about Himo World:

After the war between the mightiest gods, the entire world fell and was broken into a myriad of dimensions and messed up with all beings. Oselia — the goddess of life, used all her remaining power to unite the remnants of the world together. The war ended but Himo World still exists, in which there are gifted Himo children — the summoners who can connect with the universe and summon heroic spirits to engage in their battles. Time passes by and the battles continue, a young summoner wakes up anew. His memory is hazy as others but there is always a strange feeling rising inside him. The memories of the past are the keys to all of this. He sets out on a journey and vows to find the truth, even though the road will be thorny and might end up in the blood.

Prepare yourself for the epic journey forward. And, here comes the next ‘concept focus’ article: the Play and Earn model, which will assist you a lot in this game.

Why “Play and Earn”, not “Play to Earn”

The reason why we choose the term “Play and Earn” in place of “Play to Earn” is the multipurpose nature of this game. People can come to Himo World simply to entertain themselves, practice, and challenge their limits in gaming, as well as earning. To be more specific, earning is merely a separate goal among many other ones that this game settles for its participants. Meanwhile, in terms of the “Play to Earn” model, the words have clearly expressed everything. People playing the games applying the P2E model just focus on one ultimate goal: earning.

At the end of the day, the essence of gaming purposes should include entertainment, relaxation, creativity, socialization, challenge, and achievement, etc. Gaming is not only about the visual experience, but also about creating the best emotional roller coaster for each avid gamer. Thus, we want to apply the “Play and Earn” model in Himo World, which can serve our community as one of the best gaming experiences as well as a potential platform to make money. This can be deemed as an exemplary NFT game.

Himo World Gameplay

3 ways people can earn from Himo World

So far, there are 3 official ways to earn from Himo World:

  • Win a tournament (including Seasonal MMR and League Tournament)
  • Grinding and selling heroes/items/skill cards
  • Stake in Treasury: holders can stake $HIMO in the system and earn $HIMO as returns.

To achieve the above goals, there must always be an in-game currency to make all the trading consistent. Besides $HIMO, summoners can use gold, which can be sold on the Marketplace by bundling them into NFT items. Gold is used to upgrade the heroes, buy loot boxes, and bet. There are THREE ways to earn more gold up till now:

  • Playing PvE
  • Betting
  • PvP
Earn gold by playing PvE, Betting, PvP

To sum up, the earning opportunities in Himo World are tremendously exciting and challenging, which will come along with the status of being one of the most high-quality gaming experiences to serve our beloved summoners.

The moment that we’ve all been waiting for is going to happen soon. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our channels for more real-time updates about the IDO and the game launch event as well.



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